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Eligible Applicants

As this is a competitive process, KYAE welcomes and strongly encourages all eligible applicants to apply.  All eligible agencies as defined below have the right to compete for adult education funding.  All proposals from eligible agencies will be reviewed and considered for funding, regardless of whether the eligible agency has provided services in the past.

An organization that has “demonstrated effectiveness” in providing adult education and literacy activities on its own and/or whose partners have provided such services. These organizations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Institution of higher education;
  • Public or private nonprofit agency;
  • Library;
  • Local educational agency, including educational co-ops;
  • Community-based organization, including faith-based;
  • Public housing authority;
  • Voluntary literacy organization;
  • Nonprofit institution, not described above and has the ability to provide adult education and literacy activities;
  • Consortium or coalition of agencies described above; or
  • Partnership between an entity described above and an employer(s).

In Kentucky, grantees will focus on adult education and literacy and English language acquisition education services that are workforce preparation/essential skills-contextualized, including: high school equivalency (HSE) diploma preparation; integrated education and training, including Accelerated Opportunity (AOKY) and AOKY Fast Track career pathway models; and integrated English literacy and civics education services. Family literacy and workplace adult education services may also be offered.

Consortia Applicants

Eligible applicants may apply as a consortium. The consortium application must identify one agency that will act as the lead agency for the consortium. The lead agency shall submit a single proposal on behalf of the consortium outlining a plan to provide adult education activities in selected counties of the local workforce area, explaining the roles and responsibilities of each member agency.

The lead agency serves as the applicant agency of record, the legally recognized fiscal agent for the grant project, and the single point of contact for KYAE Skills U. The lead agency is responsible for overseeing the implementation of all aspects of the grant, e.g., plan of services for every county, grant monitoring and data reporting, and fiscal management. All consortium members are subject to the terms and conditions of the grant award, federal requirements, and state policies.