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Contextualizing RLA/Social Studies/Science Instruction

In order to fulfill the requirements of WIOA, adult educators will begin adult students on a career pathway by contextualizing academic instruction to better prepare students for achieving on the GED® and success in higher education, and the workplace.

According to the Center for Occupational Research and Development (CORD) “Growing numbers of teachers today are discovering that most students’ interest and achievement in math, science, and language improve dramatically when they are helped to make connections between new knowledge and experiences they have had, or with other knowledge they have already mastered. Students’ engagement in their schoolwork increases significantly when they are taught why they are learning the concepts and how those concepts can be used in real-world contexts.”

The following sites have ABE/ASE RLA/Science, and Social Studies lessons contextualized to the workplace to assist students in persisting towards goals.

CUNY Adult Education HSE Curriculum Framework -- Complete curriculum lesson plans for Social Studies, Science, and Math.

Kentucky Skills U Lesson Plan Bank -- The Kentucky Skills U Lesson Bank is a repository of standards-based units and lessons created by Kentucky Skills U instructors.

KET -- provides lessons to on Reading for Information and Locating Information contextualized to the workplace. These lessons also help prepare students for the KCRC.

Equipped for the Future Toolkit -- provides examples on how to provide instruction in a real-world setting. This resource also provides helpful guidance on delivering instruction with a purpose to adult learners at all levels of learning.

Massachusetts Community Colleges and Workforce Development -- This website includes curriculum modules targeting core topics in mathematics and literacy contextualized to three key MCCWDTA industries: healthcare, advanced manufacturing and information technology. It also provides professional development resources and an online community to support developmental and adult basic education instructors and program leaders as they integrate contextualized curriculum into their courses and programs. You must create a free account for this site.

Illinois Contextualized Curricula -- provides complete contextualized instruction for ABE/GED® students in all content area focusing on various industries with curriculum specifically focused on Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Transportation, Distribution and Logistics.

Women Employed -- provides contextualized lesson plans for NRS levels 4,5, and 6 in the areas of Career Foundations, Healthcare, Early Childhood Education, Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics (TDL), Hospitality/Culinary, and Information Technology.