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Burlington English Curricula

Burlington English (BE) offers a comprehensive blended program for English language acquisition. It can be used as a core curriculum or as a digital component that complements classroom instruction. Burlington English provides student and teacher resources for all skills – reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The Burlington SpeechTrainer® prescribes unique pronunciation courses which individually address each user’s needs, depending on their native language and speech patterns. Burlington English has an extensive offering of General English courses together with a wide range of Career Extensions. Each course combines online modules which can be used anytime and anywhere, with downloadable print materials designed for face-to-face instruction. The online modules and face-to-face materials are carefully blended, providing both teachers and students with a complete language-learning solution. This results-driven program, with 24/7 online access, is engaging for students and easy for teachers to use.

Archived Training Webinars From Kentucky  Skills U Trainings:

Step 1: Burlington English General Overview (1-hour webinar)

Through this video, participants will:

  • Become familiar with the BE courses that are best for different class, cohort, and individual student learning needs,
  • Recognize how BE meets the needs of different instructional delivery models (in-class, lab, distance learning, and blended or flipped), and
  • Understand the basics of the software’s learning management elements.

Step 2: Burlington English Required Training for Program Directors or BE Coordinators (1-hour webinar)

This webinar is for those locally who decide which BE courses are right for specific class and student needs. Participants will:

  • Designate who will accomplish administrative-type (i.e., entering and removing students, monitoring usage and progress, distribution of seats);
  • Recognize ways to manage accounts for students, classes, and teachers, including different options for activating student accounts;
  • Create group and individualized BE course selections;
  • Plan and implement multiple highly-effective BE Delivery models (e.g., in-class, lab, distance, blended); and
  • Match program components to WIOA goals.


For more information related to these materials, contact Joanna Botts at or 606-783-9033.