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TABE Online Interface Tips

The following tips are to assist instructors on using the TABE Online interface.

If you have any questions, contact Joyce Bullock at You can see the videos he reviewed for these tips on the McGraw-Hill blog at


Listening to many suggestions, McGraw-Hill has implemented a new user interface for the TABE Online. Included is a simpler, more responsive formatting to the website that saves time in regards to student and test registration. With the switch to the new user interface, there are three main points to keep in mind:

  • This change is to the test administration website only; you will NOT have to change or update student testing workstations.
  • The website functionality and registration are largely the same, meaning little training is needed.
  • While the main site at will remain unchanged, any TABE online bookmarks in your browser will need to be updated.

Registering a Test Session

Test registration can be found under the ‘Assessments’ tab in the left-hand corner. For the complete procedure of registering a test session, please watch the following YouTube video:

Add a New Test Session

Reminder: The test registration process is almost identical to the old system. The difference is that instead of clicking through several screens of information, everything is presented in a single, easy-to- navigate screen. No more loading through pages and pages of students!

Registering a Student

Student registration can be found under the ‘Assessments’ tab in the left-hand corner. For the complete procedure of registering a student, please watch the following YouTube video:

Student Registration

Reminder: The new feature called ‘rapid registration’ means that now, while registering a new student, they can be immediately assigned to an existing test session. It even allows instructors to modify their test on the registration screen! This should save time while registering new students during orientation.

Student Workstation Setup

The testing client can be found under the ‘Services’ tab towards the top-right corner. For the complete procedure in setting up a student workstation, please watch the following YouTube video:

Workstation Setup

Reminder: The new user interface does not require the installation of a new testing client! Students can continue using existing workstations as-is.

Note: If an instructor would like to gain access to the new free Formative tests in the new interface, an uninstall of the current icon on the student computer and a reinstall from the workstation setup link in the new interface is needed. This will allow the student to take a free formative test.


For more information related to these materials, contact Natalie Cummins,, (502) 892-3021; or Terry Tackett,, (502) 892-3063.