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Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky (AOKY)

Hiring qualified employees has never been easier!

All Kentucky Skills U programs have access to curricula to prepare students for Kentucky's top employment sectors. Click here to view the KY Skills U Lesson Bank.

Every adult education student has multiple opportunities to learn, practice and master the skills needed to get a job and keep a job. Click here to access Kentucky Skills U Employability Standards overview.

Through Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky (AOKY), qualified GED®-seeking students have the chance to earn college credit and certifications in high-demand fields. Click here to learn more about AOKY.

When you hire an Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky (AOKY) student, you are hiring someone who has:

About AOKY

AOKY is a technical training program that combines contextualized GED® preparation with technical skills training to help prepare individuals for a high-demand job.

AOKY, a partnership between Kentucky Skills U, the Kentucky Department of Workforce Investment/KY Career Centers and the Kentucky Community and Technical College System, offers an accelerated pathway to employment by allowing qualified GED®-seeking students to:

To watch an AOKY student in action, click here.

Contact your local AOKY program coordinator for more information by clicking here.